Steve Snelling is a jazz pianist and singer-songwriter with a playful pop sensibility. He writes songs for grownups – think Joni Mitchell meets Michael Franks.

Lifelong Musician

Starting with piano at age 3, Steve’s music has been nourished by jazz, pop and folk, gospel, country and rock. “The Farallons”—along with a growing body of songs from 2000 to the present— reflects a love of melody and lyric honesty influenced by the music of Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis and Jackson Browne.

In 2020, Steve undertook a personal “365 Challenge,” creating and posting music everyday for a year. [https://bit.ly/2NIZER2] By the final day on October 31, 2020, he had posted scores of Jazz standards, unique arrangements of classic rock and pop covers, new live versions from his own catalog, and dozens of new original ambient pieces, jazz instrumentals, and songs, among the first of which was “The Farallons.” Many of these are currently in production and scheduled for 2021 releases.

Musical Palette