Steve Snelling is a jazz pianist and singer-songwriter with a playful pop sensibility. He writes songs for grownups – think Joni Mitchell meets Michael Franks.

Having lived in a wide compass of altitudes—literally and metaphorically—I’ve come to appreciate the opportunity for beauty in all things. With a classical background, steeped in jazz, folk and pop, having fallen in love with American songwriting of all styles, and tempered in hundreds of ensembles, I’m grateful to share my musical and life experience with others. Please give my new single a listen, and drop me a note in the contact page. I always write back. – ss

The Farallons

The Farallon Islands lie 30 miles off the California coast near San Francisco. Designated an official National Wildlife Refuge, on a clear day you can just see the rocks jutting up from the sea. It’s a bit mysterious and something like a Galapagos of the Bay. I’ve often thought, in those darker moments hiking the cliffs near my home, “Maybe I’ll just swim to the Farallons…” This song is a salve against such nihilism, and a pledge to nurture and honor the wounded part in our psyche that longs for healing. – ss